Hair Care

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Enhance, protect and maintain the intensity and brilliance of the colour.


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Prevent hair loss, counteract the damaging effects of free radicals and keep hair healthy. The first integrated three-phase system that cleans, regenerates and helps to prevent hair loss, counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and keeping hair healthy.


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Whether smooth or natural, the most common need is to make styling easier and maintain it over time. To meet this need, Actyva offers Disciplina, a line of products formulated to gently control frizzy and rebellious hair and maintain a desired look over time: perfectly smooth hair or natural movement.
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Give body, texture and volume to fine and delicate hair.  To add lightness and bounce to fine, delicate hair, Actyva has created Volume e Corposità (Volume and Body), a line of products with a base of vegetable proteins and natural energising extracts that deliver body and fullness to the hair structure, helping to create volume and a longer-lasting style.
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Fill, restructure and smooth devitalised or damaged hair. Restore strength, body and protection.
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Maintain the cohesion of the fibre over time.



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Beauty nectar for all types of hair


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Brighten, protect and quench the thirst of summer hair


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Restores dry hair’s nutritional balance


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Purify, balance, soothe difficult scalps. Rediscover the pleasure of a healthy scalp.


For the treatment of the most common scalp disorders, Actyva created Specifici Cute, a range of products formulated with essential oils and plant extracts to cleanse, balance, sooth, hydrate and restore the normal function of the scalp.


The revolutionary effectiveness of activated oxygen for the beauty and health of the scalp, hair and skin.