DIAGNOSIS: Sensitive scalp. Scalp tense, sore, reddened or irritated. Symptoms of burning, itching or tingling on the scalp.

NEED: Relieve symptoms immediately. Hydrate, soothe and gradually normalize the sensitivity of the scalp. Make the mid-shaft shiny, soft and easy to comb.


Soothing Treatment

Natural extracts and essential oils • Emollient, shine-enhancing and static-fighting active ingredients

“Instant relief” effect and long-lasting wellness

Soothes, hydrates and decongests the scalp

Leaves hair with fewer tangles, easier to comb

Leaves the mid-shaft vital, soft and light

Used regularly, it restores the scalp’s normal sensitivity

Leaves the mid-shaft soft and shiny

Size: 20 ml x 12 pcs



Directions for use

After washing the hair, apply to the scalp, working in sections. Distribute with a circular motion until the entire surface of the scalp is completely covered in product. Distribute down the mid-shaft, massaging throughout the strands, and comb.

Follow with a “relaxing” massage as described in the Benessere Cream massage procedures. Leave in place for 5 minutes. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Then style the hair as usual.


Sensitive scalp

SLS- and SLES-free

Provides a pleasant refreshing and soothing action that leaves long hair soft and vital. Relieves the symptoms of redness, itching and stinging. Its gentle formula is ideal for frequent use.

Size: 250/1500 ml