DIAGNOSIS: Scalp with dandruff or other impurities̀.

NEED: Remove impurities, soothe and refresh the scalp with immediate effect. Progressively purify the scalp.


Exfoliating treatment

SLS- and SLES-free

Exfoliating microspheres, natural extracts and essential oils

Removes impurities from the scalp

Exfoliating, purifying, calming and refreshing action

Used regularly, it prevents the reappearance of dandruff

Immediate fresh, clean sensation

Long-lasting effectiveness

Size: 20 ml x 12 pcs

Directions for use

Apply to dry scalp, working in sections. Distribute with a circular motion. Follow with an “exfoliating” massage as described in the Purezza Gel massage procedures. Leave in place for 5 minutes.

Emulsify and rinse thoroughly. Wash hair again choosing the Actyva shampoo best suited to the client’s needs.